Day 39 (May 26, 2007) - Zen in Blue and White

In between relearning the Tarot, reading the
AKIRA manga, and somesuch, I still take the
time to fold a crane or two. I think I'm almost
ready to start my 1000 crane project in earnest.
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Day 38 (May 25, 2007) - Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights

Met up with Stephie today to enjoy lunch at Annalakshmi
and pick up the Kinokuniya package. In the package
was the tarot deck I got for my dear friend Pammu:
Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights. It's absolutely
gorgeous. I've been doing a few simple readings with
them (all while centering my energies around
Pammu thoughts) to get them nice and warmed up
for her.

I know people say that not being able to buy your own
deck is a novice myth, but I never felt good about
buying a deck (wrapped in plastic and smelling
way too fresh) and then expecting it to work well.
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Day 37 (May 24, 2007) - Midnight Elephant

Found this adorable incense burner at DAISO
a week or so ago. $2! (That's around Php60).

I've also been buying way too much incense.
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Day 36 (May 23, 2007) - Alien Visitor

It was HUGE. It landed on my
window pane & wouldn't LEAVE.

Bugs & I, we don't get along.

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Day 36 (May 22, 2007) - Heavens Around my Neck

An old necklace I rediscovered.
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Day 35 (May 21, 2007) - Rain at my Feet

My window affords more sky than
ground: this suits me just fine.
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Day 34 (May 20, 2007) - Falling Through the Cracks

an in between, the truly unguarded.
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Day 33 (May 19, 2007) - Remnants of Babylon

No matter how our buildings scrape
the sky, it will all be pointless in the
larger scale of things.
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Day 32 (May 18, 2007) - Beacon

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Day 31 (May 17, 2007) - Kurosawa in Kuala Lumpur

Drove to KL in Malaysia for a four
day trip. This was taken on the first day,
where the rainy weather had created great
big clouds, obscuring the Petronas
Twin Towers. It reminded me so much
of the volcanic smoke from Akira
Kurosawa's "The Bad Sleep Well" (1960).

Here are some images from that particular scene:

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